ILM guarantees that the helmets(including official stores/authorized stores/dealers) can be guaranteed free of charge for failures caused by defects in materials and workmanship under normal use!
During the warranty period, ILM has the right to provide warranty schemes such as maintenance and parts replacement according to the product conditions.

Warranty Statement

The warranty period may vary depending on the type of helmet purchased. Detailed information can be obtained from the following channels:
(1) Please visit the brand oficial website: www.ilmotor.com within 15 days after purchasing the helmet, and you can get the effective warranty period after registration and activation (Quick Access).
(2) Bring the proof of purchase date and contact the official/authorized store /dealer of ILM for handling.

Member Bonus

(1) Become an ILM member and enjoy the privilege of purchasing spare parts at the cost price for life.
(2) As an ILM member, you can have the privilege of"free accessories" according to the quality assurance scheme provided by ILM.


(1) Failure/damage caused by accidents,misuse, abuse, modification,
improper repair, liquid ingress, thermal damage, negligence, improper cleaning, improper storage, failure to follow the operating instructions and other reasons other than ILM helmet itself, or failure caused by repair or replacement by non-brand designated maintenance personnel/enterprises, the helmet, visor, and lining are not covered by the warranty.
(2)The final interpretation right of this manual belongs to the company to which the ILM brand belongs.