ILM Introduction

ILM has been providing professional, fashionable, safe, and comfortable motorcycling sports protective equipment since its foundation in 2013. ILM has expanded into a global brand with offices in Asia and North America. Our brand vision is “Inspired to Live More." We use internal professional product research and development teams to independently develop high quality protective gear for racing, motorcycling, or bicycle riding. Simultaneously, ILM has implemented global mainstream standards for testing experiments. These standards are used in ILM’s comprehensive and independent product testing laboratories. ILM is committed to spreading a safe and healthy riding culture. We are focused on all-round riding protection, providing riders with a full range of protective gear products and one-stop shopping experience. 


2013 - Established in the USA
2013 - Set up R&D team and laboratory, carry out independent research, invention, and design to pass the global mainstream standard testing experiments with high standard (DOT, ECE, SG, CCC, SNELL)
2014 - Enrolled in Amazon and quickly become a top selling brand
2015 - Built the brand into a global phenomenon
2016 - Completed the global layout of business channels and entered the global mainstream online sales platform (eBay, Wish, TikTok Shopping, Google shopping, Facebook Store, Instagram Store, and other Asia based e-commerce platforms), establish the ILM official website, invited to enroll as a Walmart online worldwide supplier
2016 - Set up a professional service team to share expertise and solve problems for all riders
2017- Became the top selling Helmet store on Amazon for the motorcycle & powersports helmet category, leadership in brand awareness, purchase intention, and turnover
2019 – One of North America's best selling helmet brands online
2020 - The number of all-time ILM official website visitors breaks 1 million
2022 - Cooperate with 10+ global mainstream media companies, 500+ opinion leader, 20+ million total traffic, dedicated to spreading safe riding culture Brand Reputation