How Details Make ILM Helmets Stand Out

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How to choose a motorcycle full face helmet that you are satisfied with? It should not only ensure riding safety, but also be compatible with aesthetics and comfort. In this article, we will introduce the basic conditions of a good helmet and the small details that are not easy to notice!


1.Safety standard and shell material

As a basic knowledge of helmets, riders know that safety standards for motorcycle helmets include DOT, ECE, SNELL, etc. It's essential to choose a helmet that meets at least one of these standards and fits properly to ensure the best protection in the event of a crash. The shell of the helmet can also be divided into ABS, FRP and carbon fibre.
ILM-890, as an automobile racing helmet, has fiberglass shell and meets SNELL SA2020 safety standard, which is lightweight and comfortable for every racing. What is worth mentioning is the helmet compatible with HANS/HNR M6 Threaded Inserts(not included), convenient for you to install Head&Neck Support devices to protect your head and neck from getting hurt when participating in auto racing sports.

2.The quality of paint on a motorcycle helmet

Maybe you haven't noticed, but you need to know that helmet prints are of varying quality. With poor prints, the prints will lose paint or crack over time. A helmet that will be with you for a while should be good not only in safety quality but also in detail. Observing the paintwork for bubbles, run-off, peeling and other imperfections is just the basic stage, and we will introduce more tips about the quality of paint on a motorcycle helmet.
Glossiness: High-quality paint will present an even, high gloss surface with clear light reflection, while poor quality paint may appear dull or uneven.
Smoothness: After painting, a good surface should be very smooth to the touch. Run your hand gently over the surface to feel whether there is any unevenness.
Brightness of colour: Colors from high-quality paint should be rich, bright, and uniform, no colour difference or mottled.
Abrasion and Weather Resistance: Gently scratch the surface with your fingernail to observe if it easily produces scratches. High-quality paint should have strong abrasion. Good paint should have a certain level of weather resistance, able to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other natural elements.
In summary, good paint should exhibit a pleasing appearance, smooth texture, and durability. When purchasing a motorcycle helmet, evaluate the quality of the paint based on these criteria.

ILM-MF509 helmet not only meets the above conditions, but also has stronger corrosion resistance due to the use of upgraded painting technology. It will accompany you and your motorbike to the beach, the snow and beyond, and its corrosion-resistant properties allow it to maintain its vibrant colours and not crack over time! It also adds gold leaf to the print for better visual effects. With DOT and ECE Safety standards, this helmet is certainly a combination of style and safety, a good choice for riders. What's even more surprising is that the Model MF509 comes with a lot of accessories with the package! You can install them as needed.

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