Why we need to pay more attention to group riding than individual riding?

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Once we have our own motorcycles, we often choose to ride with like-minded friends. But whether it's in a group of three or two, or in a group of hundreds of riders, the first thing to do prior to any ride is to go over safety. In this article, we'll review those basic but useful tips.


1.Discuss the route in advance and confirm the sequence

Compared to cars, motorcycles are more flexible and smaller in size, this means that motorbikes can easily be separated by longer distances in heavy traffic conditions. The person behind may not see the motorbike in front of them for only a few seconds before they lose the guidance of their partner in front of them. So it's important to check the route in advance. At the same time, riders at the front of the group should be aware of their own speed, and occasionally the speed of the riders behind them, and make timely adjustments especially before making a turn. The point that team riding is more important than individual riding is that riders need to work together.

2.Keep communication with ILM Helmets

Timely and effective communication is paramount to team riding. It is difficult to suddenly reduce or increase your speed at high speeds to reach face-to-face communication, which can disrupt the group and increase the danger of the ride. Some of the problems you don't realize while riding, the partner in your group behind you may notice, communicating and resolving them at the moment is the best plan. So a bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a good choice for small groups. ILM store offers different bluetooth helmets for 2-3 riders and 6-8 riders group intercom. ILM always strives to create helmets of good quality and good reviews.

Buying separate bluetooth, and a helmet with space reserved for a bluetooth headset is also a great option. This means that you and your friends can put the same Bluetooth earphones on different helmets to participate in group riding. We'd like to recommend ILM bluetooth communication system and new helmet Model 509.

3.Stay in order and maintain an appropriate distance

Order is always the basis of a safe team ride, don't get the idea that you can pass the rider in front of you or change positions at will -this is a very dangerous thing. A slight move in one part may affect the whole situation. Once something goes wrong with the guys in front of the group, the effect on the team behind him or her is horrific. Maintaining the right distance between riders and maintaining the right speed can greatly increase a rider's reaction time in the face of an emergency and reduce the probability of accidents. A well-defined and speed-controlled group can give every rider a good riding experience.
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