ILM is dedicated to safety. Simple as that. We believe that safety equipment is necessary in the life of every power sports rider and as such, truly safe equipment should not cost an arm and a leg. This dedication to safety has led to technological innovation as well as the necessity for our own helmet testing laboratory. The ILM Lab facility is used for helmet testing, research and development on all our helmet designs. It includes over 10 safety testing machines as well as 3D printers, injection and thermal molding equipment, and CNC machines. The ILM Lab is also equipped with the required technology to design, develop and evaluate new ideas in head protection.


The Mips® safety system is an innovative technology designed specifically for bike helmets. It features a low-friction layer inside the helmet which allows multi-directional movement in the range 10-15mm when the rider encounters certain angled impacts. Mips® is intended to help reduce rotational force introduced on the head during a crash.