Will electric bluetooth helmet become the trend of the future?

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With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it is not surprising to see advancements in the technology used to protect the rider. One such advancement is the electric Bluetooth helmet, which provides not only protection but also connectivity features.

An electric Bluetooth helmet has several benefits over a traditional helmet. Firstly, it allows the rider to stay connected to their smartphone or other devices through Bluetooth. This means they can listen to music, make phone calls, or even use GPS navigation without taking their hands off the handlebars.

Secondly, electric Bluetooth helmets have integrated communication systems that allow riders to communicate with each other. This can be especially useful for group rides or when riding with a passenger. The ability to communicate with each other in real-time can help enhance safety and make the ride more enjoyable.

Lastly, electric Bluetooth helmets have built-in noise-cancelling technology. This is particularly useful for riders who commute in noisy urban areas. The noise-cancelling feature blocks out ambient noise, allowing the rider to focus on the road and their surroundings.

While the electric Bluetooth helmet has several benefits, it remains to be seen whether it will become the trend of the future. One potential barrier to adoption is cost. Electric Bluetooth helmets are currently more expensive than traditional helmets, which may deter some riders.



PRE-SALE】ILM-E3-12LS Smart Helmet for Scooters

Meets or exceets CPSC/NTA-8776/CE safety standards. The shell is made of hard PC plus a thicker EPS foam inner shell than ordinary bicycle helmets.
This gives better anti-collision and cushioning effects
Suitable for speeds above 28mph (45km/h). Applicable for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, mopeds, and electric scooters
Front and rear lights. The lights can shine at the same time. The helmet is equipped with an intelligent remote control to allow the user to signal left and right turns which is more convenient and safer to use.
Smart braking warning function. When emergency braking happens, the rear lights will increase to 100% brightness to warn the vehicles coming from behind.


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