¾ Face Helmet Replacement Pads
¾ Face Helmet Replacement Pads

207 small replacement liner

¾ Face Helmet Replacement Pads

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¾ Face Helmet Replacement Pads

Why choose us?


We have put countless hours into research, design, innovation, and testing our products to make sure we offer exceptional performance. Function is at the core of every new design. We are constantly looking to improve the fit, comfort, airflow, shock absorption, strength and style of our helmets and products.


We developed an in-house test lab to make sure our helmets met the highest standards of safety and quality. When the vast majority of helmet brands are choosing designs from a foreign factory’s catalog, and investing in sales and marketing rather than testing, ILM still continues to rigorously test in house.

ILM lab

We are able to conduct a wide range of tests for a variety of helmet types including bicycle and snow helmets.