ILM-Z302: All Seasons, All Styles

ILM-Z302: All Seasons, All Styles

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  1. Unique design and multiple usage scenarios

As a open face motorcycle 3/4 helmet, ILM-Z302 is actually a derivative of half helmets or 3/4 helmets. By assembling the chin guard, visor, and sun visor to realize the transformation of the appearance of different helmets, it allows the rider to easily switch between different styles. Remove the chin guard and you can get a retro or half helmet which is suitable for riding in warm weather. Fit the sun visor and chin guard and you get a dual sport helmet or a full face helmet for more usage scenarios such as ATV,cruiser, street bike and other outdoor sports. A motorcycle helmet with 4 styles is a good choice for daily riding.
  1. About safety and comfort

Meetings or exceeds the DOT safety standard, the ILM helmet never neglects safety. High strength ABS outer shell and high-quality EPS foam means the lightweight helmet is firm and durable that can provide a better impact absorption. It is worth mentioning that this helmet comes with a tinted visor which can fit the helmet shape and block sunlight, sand, and any other airborne hazards. It is easy to remove or replace. Comes with 9 vents, the aerodynamic air intake system ensures that you stay cool when riding a motorcycle and any other power sports vehicle.
  1. Details that enhance the riding experience

If you have sports camera or helmet light, you can mount them on the helmet with ease because the helmet has a camera mount. The sun visor is not only detachable, but also adjustable. The top screw equipped with this helmet can adjust the angle of the sun visor. However, the angle of the sun visor does not affect the angle of the action camera you have equipped to your helmet. It is easy and convenient to adjust the visor. Inside the ILM helmet, the removable and washable liner is sweat absorbing to make the helmet more comfortable to wear and convenient to clean, so that you can always maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
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