Tips for winter riding: ilm helmets make your riding no longer cold

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As the weather gets colder, riders choose full face helmets when they go out for a ride because full face helmets can wrap and protect the face better and reduce the entry of cold air, so is there any other way to make the winter ride a little warmer? In this article, we will explore some effective accessories.

1.Neck Scarf

A helmet with its own neck scarf may be a good choice. ILM has specially launched a helmet with a removable scarf to face the needs of winter riding. The inside of the neck scarf is made of soft, skin-friendly material. With the scarf on, your neck will be protected from the cold air, and even on rainy days, it will also protect you from the elements and give you a comfortable riding experience. The convenient removable design means that this is an all-season suitable helmet, and you can remove this scarf in warmer weather, so the helmet Model ilm 313 is a cost-effective choice.


2.Heated Visor

ILM is one of the few brands to design heated visors for some of their helmets. ILM has designed a heated visor for the 159 series helmets to meet the needs of riders on winter rides. The heated visor not only provide some heat to the face, but also greatly improve the problem of fogging. The cause of helmet lens fogging is simple: the difference between warm and cold temperatures. When the warm, humid air inside the helmet meets the colder surface of the visor, water vapor condenses into tiny droplets on the visor, forming fog. When riding in winter, foggy lenses affect the rider's vision and the safety of riding. So besides choosing normal anti-fog lenses and Pinlock, heated visors are also a good solution to the fogging problem. The helmet Model 159 with heated lenses allows you to ride without fear of the cold!

3.Face Mark

Face Marks are also a cold-weather necessity. Flocking internal surface means excellent warmth and windproof, keeping your face and head warmer from inhaling cold air, and protecting you and your family from cold wind, snow, sleet, ultraviolet rays, dust, pollen and so on. The unique open design for earbuds allows for a headset at all times, and is also perfect for ladies to place their braids and hair on cold days, keeping them warm and looking good. Perfect with either a half or full helmet.

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