Equipping Drivers with Confidence Since 2013

When milliseconds count, you need gear that doesn’t hold you back. When rounding a corner, you need the confidence to give it everything you’ve got. Being ILM equipped allows the discerning rider to unleash the daredevil within SAFELY.

ILM was founded in 2013, and has quickly become one of the best-selling online brands of motorcycle protective gear on the US market. We attribute our success to one thing — we know riders!

We know that you have a heavy right hand and need your protective gear to keep up. We know that you have put meticulous attention into the performance of your bike. We have the same attitude to perfecting the performance of our helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, boots, and riding accessories. Your riding experience will be enhanced by our high tech, high quality, and comfort fitting gear.

We know that it only takes a fraction of a second, a few pieces of gravel on a sharp corner, or one inattentive car… But when that happens, we put protective layers between you and the unforgiving asphalt.

Streamlined Designs, Built for Performance

ILM exists to help riders safely push the limits of what is possible. Our purpose is to let you drive Faster, Longer, and Safer. We have put countless hours into research, design, innovation, and testing our products to make sure we offer exceptional performance. Function is at the core of every new design. We are constantly looking to improve the fit, comfort, airflow, shock absorption, strength and style of our helmets and products.

Never settle for Second Best

You don’t want to come in second, and neither do we. We never stop innovating, listening to our customers’ demands, and driving protective technologies forward. We deliver world-class protective gear for all motorcycle enthusiasts. Our customers’ lives literally depend on the performance of our products, so we never settle for “good enough”.  Our mission is striving for the exceptional.

When you need more from your protective gear, ILM delivers modern performance for your unique needs:

Ride in style!